12 Best and Most Beautiful Beaches In Spain

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Spain is famous for its great weather, amazing cuisine and some of the most attractive beaches in Europe. It also has the biggest number of Blue Flags in the world for many years in a row. Blue Flags are only given to beaches, marinas, and ships that meet the strictest environmental and quality standards. So, if you’re planning an escape to the sunny Iberian paradise, this is a list with some of the best beaches in Spain.

Playa de Aiguablava – Catalonia

One of the most popular beaches in Costa Brava, Catalonia is located in a well-protected cove with vivid turquoise waters and beautiful golden sand.

Meters away from the crystal clear water you will find some very nice restaurants and cafes where you can sit and watch the waves. It’s great for kids because it is shallow, but it can be very crowded some times.

Playa Cala Salada – Ibiza

This gorgeous beach is located on the west side of Ibiza in a well-sheltered bay, surrounded by lush hills. Away from the buzzing town of Ibiza, Cala Salada features all the basic amenities like restrooms and a restaurant.

It is divided into two smaller beaches by a cliff formation and if you want to go from one to the other you’ll have to do some scrambling. The water is just amazing but the fact that it’s a small place means that it may be difficult to get a spot.

Cala Mondrago – Mallorca

This beach in Mallorca is one of the most beautiful in Spain. Located inside a natural reserve close to Santanyi, Cala Mondrago is surrounded by tall pines and has thin white sand which makes the shallow waters look bright green.

It’s an amazing place for snorkeling and except for walking around the reserve, you can also go to the neighboring Cala S’Amarador beach which is also a beautiful destination.

Playa de Rodas – Las Cies Islands

Playa de Rodas in Galicia is a strip of white sand connecting Do Faro with Monteagudo — two of the three Cies islands which belong to the national park of the Atlantic islands of Galicia. Voted by the Guardian as the best beach in the world, this seascape of unearthly beauty has a gorgeous vividly-colored lagoon to the west and the blue sea to the east.

On the island, there’s only a small market, camping, and a restaurant. The number of visitors is strictly controlled, so in order to book a ferry ticket, you must have a permit first. There are no bins, so remember to take all the litter back with you.

Playa de Las Catedrales – Galicia

The beach of the Cathedrals in Galicia is definitely one of nature’s finest works. A series of majestic geological formations with high arches and deep caves form one of the finest landscapes in Spain.

Once the tide is low, the golden-brown sand is revealed for people to walk along the beach and under the humbling rock formations. The number of people allowed to visit per day is restricted so make a reservation as early as possible.

Playa del Silencio – Asturias

A majestic crescent-shaped beach with soaring cliffs and the green landscape of Asturias surrounding it makes this beach a stunning spot. This is more like a beach to admire than to spend a day at, since it isn’t particularly good for swimming.

The only access to the narrow rocky beach is via a zigzagging staircase. Playa del Silencio is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful sceneries in Spain.


Playa de Ses Illetes – Formentera

This beautiful beach at the northern tip of Formentera Island in the Mediterranean Sea has vivid blue waters and a fine white pinkish sand that give this beach a Caribbean allure.

It is very popular and because it is located within the national park of Ses Salines, you’ve better get there early in the morning if you plan on spending the day there.

La Concha – San Sebastian

City beaches are not always great but that’s not the case with the golden beach of La Concha in the city of San Sebastian.

A well-sheltered bay with a mountain on each side of its entrance and the islet of Santa Clara in the middle compose this cosmopolitan beach which used to be a royalty resort in the past. It has great facilities and good wheelchair access. La Concha is one of the gems of Basque Country.

Playa de Maro – Costa del Sol

The greatest beach around Nerja in Costa del Sol is playa de Maro and will win you over with its crystal clear waters and peaceful charm. Small sand and pebble beach ideal for snorkeling and kayaking or stand up paddle boarding.

The perfect place to bring a book and spend a whole day sunbathing and cooling down with an occasional dive into the blue waters.

Playa de Torimbia – Asturias

A small and well-protected cove in Asturias on the northern Spanish coast that is of unparalleled beauty. The small golden beach separates the deep blue of the ocean from the lush green of Asturias, creating a jaw-dropping landscape that gets more impressive during sunset.

You have to walk for around 20 minutes from the closest parking, but you will be greatly rewarded with some of the most amazing views in Spain. There are almost no facilities, so you’ve better bring your own provisions.

Playa de Muro – Mallorca

The most beautiful beach in Mallorca is almost 6km long and is just spectacular. Extra-wide with fine white sand and wooden piers stretching over crystal clear turquoise waters — the kind of staff that postcards are made of.

The hotels and facilities around the area are top of the line, and its size pretty much guarantees that you will find a bed and an umbrella to relax under, on any given day.

La Barrosa – Cadiz

A wide and long stretch of sand in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz, right on the Atlantic and not far from Gibraltar where the cold water of the ocean meets the warm Mediterranean Sea.

Famous for its beach culture and eastern winds that make it ideal for all sorts of water sports from kite surfing to sailing, La Barrosa is one of Spain’s most famous beaches for a good reason.

Seize the Sun

Everybody loves Spain. Hemingway was so obsessed with the place that he wrote 5 books about it. Can they all be wrong? Definitely not. Spain has beautiful islands in both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and a mainland with miles and miles of white and golden beaches.

The hardest thing about this country is to choose among so many choices. One thing remains certain though, you can never go wrong with Spain.

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