7 Habits of People That Always Have Money to Travel

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Are you always looking through travel magazines or pictures of people in foreign places posting on social media, with a sigh? You might be wondering how people have the money to travel.

Those people have these 7 habits of people that always have money to travel, that set them apart and help them travel more often.

They Prioritize

Many people who make travel happen in their lives are doing so because it is a priority for them. While some are comfortable being just where they are, for others, they have a need to get out and see more of the world.

Simply put, they figure out a way to make it happen. Instead of spending money on things that they don’t need, they prioritize that money to spend on experiences instead.

Think about what is more important for you, and if it’s travel, figure out how to make it happen because it is possible.

They Set Goals

When travel is a priority, then there are goals that are set in order to accomplish them. As with any goals, it is important to write them down and plan them out. To make travel possible, there are many goals that need to be set. Those who make travel possible set goals for the countries they will travel to, how long they want to travel for, and how they will save and earn money.

They Learn

Many people don’t realize that it is still possible to travel on a tight budget. Those who want to travel, learn as much as they can about what locations are the most budget friendly, how they can budget their money best to be able to travel, read all about the best tips, and even learn how to make money while traveling.

With a quick google search, it is easy to find where to find cheap or nearly free accommodations and how to find cheap flights. A good place to learn many tips and ask questions are Facebook groups filled with travelers on the road. Many share helpful tips and advise others on how to make the most of their travels.

They Earn on the Road

One of the most valuable things that can be learned for travelers is to find remote ways to earn a living that will be able to sustain them while they are traveling. These days with the internet, there are many new job opportunities available, and it is very doable to learn new skills in order to be able to work online.

Many travelers start a blog to document all of their adventures that allows them to earn a decent living. Others find jobs along the way such as teaching English or freelancing.

They Budget and Save

People who make travel a priority also budget for travel experiences. They find ways to save in everyday life and put their savings into a separate travel savings account. The biggest reason why they are successful at sticking to it is because they value experiences over possessions.

There are two types of budgets that need to be worked out. First is budgeting your living expenses to save a bulk of your income towards travels. Secondly, to figure out what your travels are going to cost you and budget for them effectively.

It is best to also have an emergency fund, just in case you do run out of your budgeted travel money. Budgeting for the emergency fund should include enough to buy tickets back home plus a months expenses for the country you are planning on traveling to.

Once you plan out all of your budgets you can start saving money for your travels. Many digital nomads have started their travels by just saving a good chunk of money, then quitting their job and figuring out how to earn money while being on the road.

They Use Credit Card Rewards

Travel hacking is the way many people are getting incredible deals and even free things such as accommodations and flights. The key to this is to be able to get an incredible amount of points when opening up a card as well as using it for future purchases.

People who travel often make good use of their credit cards to rack up points. Things such as picking out the most points earned for opening the card, choosing a card that pays more cash in the areas you spend most, and doesn’t have international transaction fees are all important to getting the most out of it.

They Pick Affordable Destinations

The secret to traveling more and longer? Pick affordable destinations! While it might be tempting to travel to countries such as France and Italy, you will get more bang for your buck in countries like Vietnam and Latvia and still have an amazing experience. There are still quite a few countries in Europe that are pretty affordable and have beautiful landscapes at half the price.

People who travel often, know that they can travel for as little as $50 a day or even less in some countries! Let’s say you are traveling very frugally in some of the most affordable countries with a $3000 dollar budget. That amount can stretch out over two months of vacationing!

And just because travel is done on a budget, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to experience everything the place has to offer. Some of the best experiences are seeing the nature, creating memories with the locals and eating authentic food.

Adapting these habits and sticking to them will help you be able to travel just like anyone else out there.

About the Author: Angela Miller

Having the travel bug since a very young age, Angela has been on countless adventures around the world and she’s not planning on stopping any time soon.