12 of the Most Romantic Destinations in the World

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Whether you’re dreaming of a tropical paradise and relaxation, a more adventurous once in a life time experience, or something a little more cozy, these places have it covered. Plan a trip to any one of these romantic destinations in the world and you’re sure to have an unforgettable trip.

Northern Italy

Tuscany, Venice, and the coast

Cinque Terre Most Romantic Destinations in the World

All of Northern Italy is just a haven for a couple’s getaway. Start your travels at some of the most famous coastlines in Italy like Cinque Terre. There is something about the mountains dotted with picturesque villages tumbling into the sea that makes it so memorable.

Take your travels further into the Tuscany region that is breathtakingly beautiful at every turn. With rolling hills landscapes, incredible food, and a prominent art legacy, Tuscany is sure to check all of the boxes for a romantic getaway.

Getting to Venice would mean crossing Northern Italy from one coast to the other but being on a couple’s getaway, it is a city not to be missed.

A romantic Opera in the beautiful Opera house, walking hand in hand exploring the little lanes throughout the city, topped with romantic rides in the gondolas through the canals are just a few of the things to kindle the sparks in one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini Greece Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Known as the most romantic island in Greece, it is a popular destination for those seeking a romantic getaway.

With a scape of white and blue that the azure blue sea reflects is it the perfect place to have dinner on a patio overlooking those views. The sunsets will surely take your breath away as they turn the sky into a myriad of colors.

It is possible to even book a place with your own private pool overlooking the sea which makes enjoying the views that much better.


Hawaii Most Romantic Destinations in the World

One of the most lush and naturally beautiful places on earth, Hawaii has it all.

Few places on Earth have towering mountains offering stunning views from hikes, secluded beaches, snorkeling adventures and trekking to spot the volcano lava spots all in one.

Whether you are wanting to stay on one island or hop to a few different ones, here’s what you will get from each island.


This island, which is the home to Honolulu, is the one with all of the hustle and bustle of city life. There are fine accommodations and dining available to those that choose to stay on this island.

This is along with a selection of historical sites, museums and great beaches.


Many choose this island for their honeymoon destination. It is in between the city life of Oahu and country life of the other islands. There is plenty of adventure with the Hana Highway and the many interesting stops it offers.

Also, you’ll find one of Hawaii’s National Parks, Haleakala, with a breathtaking range of landscapes including red deserts and rock gardens as well as waterfalls and streams surrounded by luscious greenery.

Big Island

The Big Island is the most diverse of all the islands and it is also the biggest. With snow-capped mountains to lush jungles, you will find the biggest variety of adventures on this island.

Visit the volcano area, hike in the mountains, and go horseback riding all from your stay at any of the world class resorts.


Perhaps the most suggested of them all for a romantic getaway is the Kauai island. It has an undeniable appeal for those couples seeking one on one time with the seclusion it offers.

On this island it is all about delving into the nature. It is absolute paradise for nature lovers and has some of the best beaches and hiking trails. Hike inland to see the “weeping wall” or visit the Waimea Canyon.

Bora bora, Polynesia

Bora Bora Most Romantic Destinations in the World

This vacation destination has been described as the most beautiful tropic island getaway. The bright blue and green shades of water and lush interior truly make this destination unforgettable. It begins as early as seeing it all from the plane window so be sure to have your camera ready.

Experience true bliss waking up in one of the thatched-roof bungalows right above the lagoon waters and even watch the tropical fish swim below you through a glass floor in some of them.

Of course, the top activities include snorkeling and scuba diving around the lagoon. Get your adventure side satisfied swimming with the manta rays and sharks on a guided dive.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Japan Romantic Destinations

Kyoto is filled with some of the most incredible colors and scenery any time of the year. It is all due to the trees that can be found all over the city, turning the city pale pink during spring and bright oranges during fall.

The most romantic time to come is when all of the trees are blossoming with pink blossoms making the place feel delicately exquisite. Ride the Sagano Romantic train taking you right through the clouds of cherry blossoms and other fascinating sights, or take a boat ride on the Okazaki Canal.

Make sure to book the tickets early as, naturally, it is extremely crowded during this season.

Ubud, Bali

Bali Most Romantic Destinations in the World

A captivating destination with its famous rice fields gleaming in the sun and incredible beauty all around, Bali is sure to give an excellent romantic experience.

Stay in a panoramic villa at the Hanging Gardens, a top luxury resort in Ubud, and relax in their pool, which has been voted the best swimming pool in the world. If you choose, hike Mount Batur for astounding views, especially if you catch the sunrise or sunset.

The hot springs are the perfect way to relax and sooth your muscles after a hike. And of course, don’t forget the food that is beautifully refined and sources locally.

Florida Keys

Key West Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Take a road trip down one of the romantic getaways in the States. The drive takes a little over 3 hours and is filled with stunning views of bright blue waters. Be sure to stop along the way as there are quite a few islands to explore.

Throughout the islands you will find many activities to take part of such as snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, swimming with dolphins, shopping, restaurants and historical attractions.

If you choose to get away from the mainstream crowds, Bahia Honda State Park is popular yet not overcrowded, with options to rent your own beach house.

For a more luxurious island getaway, on their own island just a short boat ride from Key West, are the Sunset Key Cottages that offer their own dining, spa, private beach, pool, tennis courts and various activities on the water.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges Most Romantic Destinations in the World

With canals along the city, cobbled stone streets, and picturesque squares, this medieval city is postcard perfect. In the southern end of Bruges, you’ll find a tranquil lake, aptly named, “Lake of Love”, and a “Lover’s Bridge”.

Come in the spring, and the city will be especially romantic with daffodils blooming. Getting lost in a city like this is the best thing to find a romantic adventure.

Romantic Road, Germany

Romantic Road Rothenburg Germany Most Romantic Destinations in the World

The road winds through some of the most charming scenes Germany has to offer. It is about a 350 km route through the forests and mountains. Called the romantic road for a reason, it is packed with colorful villages, medieval castles, churches and vineyards. There are many towns along the way to make a stop at.

One of the most well-known stops on the road is the charming, small little town Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is one of the few towns still preserved with all of its medieval architecture, town walls, gates and towers.

Other notable stops include the Neuschwanstein Castle, Eltz Castle and UNESCO listed Wurzburg Residence. The road can be done in just a few days or spread out over the course of a few weeks to truly soak everything in.


Iceland Most Romantic Destinations in the World

In stark contrast to most of the more warm and tropical romantic destinations, Iceland is becoming more and more popular and offers a unique romantic destination.

The vast landscapes, grand glaciers, northern lights, and natural hot springs all make this destination romance worthy. Indulge in a spa day at the Blue Lagoon that includes relaxing in the waters, sauna, and lounge depending on the package you choose.

Have the most romantic northern lights experience by either staying in one of the northern cities in Iceland or taking a northern lights tour.

The Maldives

Maldives Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Imagine enjoying a romantic dinner right on the beach with crystal blue waters, a table mid ocean or even in an all-glass undersea restaurant. Not only can you dine with a view of the ocean life but you can have the serene experience of getting massages underwater too.

The bright tropical fish and alluring colorful corals are the reason for such an emphasis on the underwater. Don’t miss out going on an adventure into the deep by scuba diving or onboard the Whale Submarine that descends 45 meters into the corals.

As the sun sets, the ocean becomes even more magical and romantic with hundreds of bioluminescent plankton glowing in the night.

Paris, France

Paris France Most Romantic Destinations in the World

Undeniably, the number one most romantic city in the world and for good reason. In Paris, the love is in the air, with the charming cafes, florals, gardens, cathedrals, chateaus, and its quaint streets. There is even a wall of love, that has the words “I Love You” written in over 250 languages.

Taking a sunset cruise along the Seine and seeing the Eiffel Tower glimmering against the sky, is the epitome of romance in Paris. Don’t miss a walk in all the classics like Montmartre, Notre – Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur, and Versailles.

French cuisine is also on the next level, and on a romantic trip that is all you could ask for. Fresh, buttery croissants to start your days and romantic tasteful dinners by night. Paris is sure to leave you in a love daze, wanting to come back over and over again.