Top 15 Spring Destinations in the USA

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Finding the right place to spend spring break can be a hassle. You want to go where there’s plenty of things to do but don’t want to be in a big crowd—a spring vacation calls for a fun itinerary but time for relaxation.

You should travel to a spring destination that offers an affordable hotel, exciting activities, beautiful scenery, and tasty cuisine. Also, something a little extra that makes the trip unique and memorable!

Check out these 15 spring destinations in the USA. From foodies to families, there is something for everyone to enjoy this spring.

Head to Palm Springs, California, for Pristine Pools and Palm Trees

California can be one of the best places to spend spring break in the USA. Why? Because in SoCal, there’s no rainfall! That is, the weather is consistent — consistently sunny! Palm Springs is rife with golf courses, plenty of modern-style homes for you to peruse on your daily walks. Plus, there is a swimming pool on almost every corner to help you stay cool. 

During the spring, there are music festivals that take place near Palm Springs. If you’re interested in seeing all of Palm Springs, you might want to consider the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.

It provides a quick ride through the mountains that gets you away from the heat of the desert. Initially opened in 1963, this is one of the oldest rotating aerial tramways in the world.

Travel to Moab, Utah, for Outdoors-y Type Fun

No one ever really considers Utah as a spring vacation location, but little did you know that it has plenty to offer. It’s a great spring destination for adventure enthusiasts who don’t mind being surrounded by Utah’s incredible landscape.

You can travel to the Canyonlands National Parks, the Colorado River, and Dead Horse Point State Park, to name a few. The Museum of Moab is also chock-full of geological history that are great educational information for the young ones.

Other than hiking, there are opportunities to go river rafting during the spring months. You can select from a one-day venture or a five-day excursion for you and your entire family. If the outdoors isn’t your thing, then there are two wineries in the area. Indulge your senses with these tasty wine offerings. You can discover all there is to know about Moab, Utah’s activities at the official website.

Join the Fun in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, This Spring

If Florida is where you’re looking to spend your spring break in the USA, then you should look no further than Fort Lauderdale. This spring destination has some of the best beaches in the state, with white sand. People even refer to this picturesque spot as the “Venice of America.” After you soak up the sun, you can spend some time shopping. 

If you’re interested in staying at one of the top resorts in the area, then Lago Mar is the place to be. The beachfront resort is gorgeous for those looking for a vacation without crowded beach noise. You can have their private beach all to yourself, lounge in one of their pools, or spend your entire day in their luxurious spa that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Plan a Unique Spring Break in Mackinac Island, Michigan

Are you ready to turn the hands of time back? Imagine no cars — or pollution — as you walk through an enchanting flower garden. Are you interested in a spring vacation you’ll remember forever? Consider Mackinac Island as the place to be.

Getting there is the first wonder as you travel across the mighty bridge. It’s ideally located so that you can still be away from the bustling cities. However, still be close to the conveniences of stores, condos, and pampering spas. 

Because there are no vehicles on the island, everything is within walking distance. You can look at the official Mackinac Island website for more details. Make sure you rent a bicycle to get around or go for a horse-drawn carriage ride this spring break! 

Visit Washington DC for a Blooming Spring Vacation

Not many people consider Washington DC as a spot for a vacation in the USA, but there’s quite a lot to do there. A single tourist pass can get you into all art, history, and science museums in the area.

There are also plenty of monuments to visit, and you can spot any of the grand government buildings in the area, such as the Capitol Building. On a good day, you might even happen to walk by The White House. However, it’s best to head there before the summer months, as it can be scorching and humid there.

One of the number one places people visit in Washington DC is the Lincoln Memorial, where the giant Abraham Lincoln statue resides. It’s both marvelous during the day or the nighttime. Nevertheless, visitors report that it’s even more captivating after dark when the attraction is lit up. The area tends to be less crowded at night, too. If you enjoy politics or history, the nation’s caption is a must for spring breakers. 

Take a Trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Did you know that this national park spans two states? It covers both Tennessee and North Carolina. Moreover, it is one of the most visited national parks in the United States because of its beauty.

The park contains over 500,000 acres of national beauty and artifacts of early mountain culture that will teach how people lived. Deemed to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park contains mountain peaks over 6,000 feet high. It also has thousands of miles of hiking trails to keep you fit and busy as you drink in that fresh mountain air.

For a knowledge-filled tour that’s especially good for the kids, you should consider scheduling a guided tour with one of the Park rangers at the Smokieees website. There are plenty of adventures to go on, activities to keep them busy, and lots of entertainment to while away the hours.

Lose Yourself in New Orleans This Spring

New Orleans is mainly known for Mardi Gras. However, there are plenty of other things this spring destination has to offer. That goes double if you are a foodie! You can head to the French Quarter or the Garden District for peaceful strolls that will take you to some appealing restaurants during the daytime.

If you’re looking for the authentic flavors that New Orleans has to offer, you may want to consider Cochon. They provide authentic Cajun food that is farm-to-table, making their cuisine the freshest on your table. Some of their more notable dishes are crawfish pie, gumbo, and stewed catfish, to name a few.

Cruise to the Hilton Head Island in South Carolina

If you want a vacation destination that’s designed to leave you with memories that will last forever, then Hilton Head Island is the place to be. You can choose to lounge on the beach and work on your tan or go for a swim in the beautiful waters, you can tee off at one of their beautiful golf courses, you can go parasailing, or you can rent a bike and explore the entire island at your whim. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding something to do on the island.

If you’re interested in seeing the island from above, you can schedule one of the many helicopter tours offered. They can be as long or as short as you want, and venture over the oceans where you can see sharks and sea turtles or over the foliage and buildings of the island itself.

Fly to Hawaii for the Ultimate Spring Destination 

Hawaii is already a country filled with beautiful beaches and breathtaking sights, but the Big Island offers the most natural beauty. The coastline is made up of unique lava rock, overlooking magnificent blue-green waters. The village is only an hour away, located on Hawaii’s famous mountain. The climate is also very inviting all year round, with warm and humid breezes that won’t make you miss winter. Waikoloa Village is also close to 49 Black Sand Beach, where the sand is actually black.

Having everything at your fingertips is possible if you can consider The Bay Club Resort in Waikoloa Beach. It’s complete with one- and two-bedroom suites with fully-equipped kitchens, a pool, and even a golf course to get some exercise in. The view from your room windows will be to die for. However, if you want to experience the best luau on the island, go to The Hilton.

Go To the Grand Canyon for a Breathtaking Spring Destination

Surely, you have at least heard of the Grand Canyon, right? Who hasn’t? It’s one of the deepest canyons in North America and draws in many tourists every single year. It’s difficult not to be awestruck by the view of it, with the colorful striations in the rock bed that reveal the history of the planet. Don’t be fooled by this canyon being in the middle of the desert; although it can get sweltering during the day, some of its higher regions can also snow. The Grand Canyon serves as the home for many animals that you may get to see while you’re hiking. 

If you want to take in this amazing natural geographic feature, you have to travel to Arizona. However, it is common for spring breakers in Las Vegas to take a few hours ride to the neighboring state. This beauty is worth the travel — even away from booze and casinos. Just imagine how gorgeous it is to witness sober for multiple days! 

Bask in the Beauty of Texas Hill Country

When you think of Texas spring break, you probably envision Houston. However, you should think outside of the cowboy box when it comes to this vast state. There are so many hidden gems to explore this spring. This region is in Central and South Texas, so there’s honestly a large area to explore. It has a varied terrain that will force you to pack for every kind of weather. It’s an excellent place for hiking on trails to get closer to nature, which many people don’t do during spring vacation. 

You may want to pay a visit to the Enchanted Rock, the second-largest granite dome within the United States. However, it’s not all about nature; there are shopping areas and wine tours to keep you interested in staying in the area for a while.

Enjoy Spring Whale Spotting at Depoe Bay, Oregon

It’s not every day that you get to see a whale swimming past the coast or a seal chilling on the beach. So why not take a visit to Depoe Bay to see it all? During March through to December, you can see grey whales making their homes offshore from the comfort of your lunch table at one of the many restaurants that line the oceanfront. 

Be prepared to dress for the weather, though; it can get chilly in the mornings, which is the best time to see the whales. If the ocean isn’t your thing, there’s also a local aquarium where you can spot smaller ocean life. This is not your typical SoCal type ocean with the sun basking down. However, that doesn’t mean this amazing trip isn’t worth the memorable visit.

Explore the Arts in Asheville, North Carolina

This quaint vacation destination is nestled between the mountains and forests to create a cozy atmosphere that will bring you nothing but relaxation. Whether it’s for a weekend retreat or an outdoor adventure, there’s something to do for everyone.

You can enjoy the scenery by taking a train, or you could go to one of the local craft stores to put your hands to work in creating something unique. Besides, you can always sit back and relax while listening to any of the live bands playing any day of the week. 

If you’re a big history buff, then there is a list of must-see historical attractions for you to choose from as well. One of the most popular is the Biltmore House with 250 rooms and 8,000 acres. This estate truly looks like a palace! The gardens are exquisite and the history is even more enchanting. 

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Get Away from Busy Cities By Heading to the Catskills

It’s only a two-hour drive from New York City, but you’d never think these isolated woods would be so close. The Catskills offer some of the best attractions you can find anywhere in the state. During the spring months, you can go hiking through Catskill Park. Also, you can take the highest and fastest zipline canopy tour (definitely not for those afraid of heights). There are fantastic lakes to explore, too, offering fishing, boating, and kayaking for the adventurous.

These top 15 affordable spring destinations are fun choices to pick from. Why? Because not everyone considers such locations to spend spring break. Furthermore, with fewer people there, you’ll have more of the area and its attractions all to yourself. So why not consider one of these options this year for your spring vacation destination?